Here are a number of questions…along with answers from our experts that are commonly asked to us by homeowners. For queries that are not listed here, feel free to contact us here or give us a call. Our representative will be happy to answer any issue you might have.

Q: Will my house be listed on the MLS or will you be the first buyer?

A: We are often asked this question by our clients. We are not working as real estate agents, so we don’t add your house to MLS listing. We are professional home buyers and buy houses in the area to meet our purchasing criteria. Afterward, we either repair the house and sell it to another party or keep it as a rental property.

Q: Will you pay the market value for my property?

A: No, most of the houses that we purchase are run down and require many repairs, so we buy below the actual market value. After purchasing it from you, we resell the property for a profit to another home buyer. However, most of our clients are not expecting a profit on their property. They are often looking for fast cash (which we provide) and are not willing to pay the agent fees or fix up the house for more cash. If you are also looking to sell your house fast, then contact us for a fair negotiation on your property. Of course, with each offer you are under no obligation to move forward until you are fully satisfied.

Q: How will you determine the price for my house?

A: Our assessment process is fully transparent and simple. We survey the location of your property and analyze the repairs needed at your home, the current condition as well as the values of the houses that were recently sold in your neighborhood. We are all aware that house values have taken a huge punch in the last 5 years and some areas have still not recovered from the fall. Our team of experts takes every information into consideration and negotiates a fair pricing for your property that can be beneficial for you and us, both.

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Q: Do you charge a commission or fees for your services?

A: NO! and this is what makes us stand out from others who wish to buy your property. We don’t charge any amount when you sell us your house. We make an offer on your property and if you accept, we’ll pay the price as well as the standard closing costs. No hassles, no obligations. After your property is sold, it’s up to us to make the repairs in the house and sell it.

Q: How do your services differ from real estate agent?

A: Real Estate Agents list your property hoping to find potential buyers for your house. After they have found a buyer, they take a percentage of the sales price which is often 3-6 %. For example, if your house is sold for $100,000, you are likely to pay somewhere between $3,000 – $6,000 commission to a real estate agent. Of course, many homeowners prefer the traditional route of selling their home through a real estate agent. They do provide good and reliable service. However, the drawback of hiring a real estate agent is that it takes approximately 6-12 months to find a buyer in the market. While some people are ok with waiting that long and paying commission from the sale of their house – many are turning to real estate investors like us to get cash fast and easily. We work differently. We are not agents; we are buyers of your home. We don’t list the house or take commission from you. We rather pay you cash for your property within just a couple of days of signing an agreement with you.

We take the burden from your shoulder and take the risk of buying your house hoping to buy a buyer and make a profit which is quite a challenge in today’s market.

Q: Is there any obligation when we contact you for further information or provide you with information about our property?

A: You are under no obligation when you contact us about any questions or concerns. Once you contact us and tell us about your property, we’ll send our representatives to have a look at your property and maybe ask you for more info. After we have done our assessment, we’ll offer an all-cash price for your home which will be fair for us both. After we have made the offer, it is solely your decision to accept it or decline it. No hassle, no obligation and of course, we won’t harass you or ask you to change your mind. The decision will be yours completely and you can decide what’s best for you and your family.

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